Poonam Pandey does her take on Sherlyn Chopra’s Playboy act

Sherlyn Chopra’s stint with Playboy must have prompted the ever-so-hungry-for-attention gal Poonam Pandey to aspire to be the famous Playboy bunny

Poonam Pandey has left no stone unturned to hog the limelight. The 21-year-old is ever ready to shed her clothes and show the world that she’s the next desperate damsel waiting to be noticed for her dare-bare antics. But, alas, things have not worked out for her the way she expected them to. And yet, Poonam’s immediate competitor Sherlyn Chopra managed to dig gold this year when she flew to LA to pose in nude for Playboy.

Chopra was seen frolicking in the buff while her partially-clad Playboy collegues were seen happily filming her. Once these sensational pictures were splashed all over the internet, it generated incredible frenzy in India. How could the Pandey gal then sit comfortably when people were going ga ga about Chopra’s new-found glory!

Poonam too started uploading some terribly naughty pictures on Twitter. She captured herself while having a bubble bath on the camera. Then she went panty-less to show off her derriere. And now Poonam is seen in the Playboy Bunny avatar. With her torso partially wrapped in a towel, Pandey wears the bunny hat and makes faces to seek attention.

Will Hugh Hefner of Playboy be impressed with these pictures and invite Poonam at his sprawling mansion in LA for some fun? All we can say at the moment is that never say never Poonam darling!