Poonam Pandey faces a case of mistaken identities!

A comedy of errors unfolded at the music launch event of Trip To Bhangarh. Find out more…

The raunchy actress Poonam Pandey is quite famous for her oomph and sex appeal. The sizzling hottie, who has been heavily criticised in the past for posting titillating pics on her Twitter page, has posed an identity crisis for a young upcoming starlet who share the same name.

Recently, at the audio launch of an upcoming horror film Trip To Bhangarh, the press was informed that ‘Poonam Pandey’ would grace the occasion with her presence. Once the event was on the roll, some media personnel asked the young actress about the whereabouts of the hottie Ms Pandey. To everyone’s surprise, the diva blurted out,” I am Poonam Pandey”.

It was a clear case of mistaken identities, as the Trip To Bhangarh actress was confused with Nasha bombshell Poonam Pandey. Apparently both the actresses share their first and last name which led to the confusion. Later, the key speaker cleared the air around the name, leaving the Trip To Bhangarh star Poonam Pandey amused.

The upcoming starlet has even received vulgar texts and threatening calls before, as people tend to mistake her for the controversial seductress Poonam Pandey. It looks like the Trip To Bhangarh chick is facing a real identity crisis, all thanks to naughty star Ms Pandey.