Poonam Pandey – here to stay?

As her film Nasha releases this week, we take a look into the future of sexy starlet Poonam Pandey. Our Tarot card reader reveals some interesting but disturbing insights into the siren’s career and love life. Read on

BollywoodLife (BL): Poonam Pandey debuts with Nasha – how will it fare at the box office? Will Poonam get noticed for her acting?

Shruti Chopra (SC): Despite the film posters appearing overly sensual and controversial, the cards do not indicate any major successes coming out from such stunts. Poonam’s Nasha isn’t going to pull in the crowds required for such a film to do well. The Page of Cups, Nine and Ten of Swords show a painful end since the producers have been highly unrealistic and have misled audiences with their promotion. A subtler approach and content based publicity would have brought about a better opening. Unfortunately the film will do well in areas where Poonam’s work as an actor will not be recognised – her potential will be lost for all the wrong reasons.

BL: That’s not a great start, but Poonam is known for being bold and ambitious. She wants to make it big in Bollywood. Will she eventually be able to?

SC: Poonam’s cards show her to be ever-changing and fickle-minded, hence her decision-making lacks required clarity. Therefore, her current path into Bollywood is ineffective. 2013 is a particularly tough year for her to keep herself mentally stable, as there are multiple changes unfolding in her personal and professional life. It will be tough for her to emerge from this, especially when cards such as the Tower and the Moon are revealed in combination with each other. They depict depressive/suicidal tendencies. This is why it is highly important for her to get through the year by accepting these uncomfortable changes. June 2014 onwards shows a more promising time, but she will need to take better advice and approach her career with more simplicity if she is to make it big, which she does have the potential to do.

BL: Wow! That’s quite a disturbing revelation. Is there any advice that Tarot can give her to help her through this rough phase?

SC: A very important piece of advice is in how she handles her relationships. She needs to be careful on how involved she gets in her love life, otherwise, heartbreak is on the way. Maturity and steadiness is required for her to avoid career and personal disappointment. Making a career plan will be important since the Five of Swords shows a real need for her to bring clarity to her mental confusions.

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