Poonam Pandey’s Holi video is hardly raunchy

The sensational babe keeps her promise and goes all dirty to make the festival even more ‘colourful’ with her sleazy video

In yet another attempt to grab us by our eyeballs, Poonam Pandey has come up with a shady video. Just a few days back the 20-year-old had announced that she was going to give her fans a huge surprise and now Poonam keeps her promise. The video begins with the lip biting Poonam clad in a white cleavage baring outfit with an impossibly long pichkari (water gun) in her hand. She tries to be all wild and sexy as she drinks a glass of bhaang (semi-alcoholic beverage), spills the drink all over her bosom and smacks her lips suggestively. It doesn’t take her long to do what she does best: shed her clothes. Having seen her in her innerwear ample number of times, the slow pace of the video doesn’t work in building up any kind of anticipation. The video just tests your patience and proves once again that the aspiring starlet is desperate to stay in the news. We sincerely hope this is the last of her not-at-all-hot dare bare acts and she uses her energy and time to do something more worthwhile.