Poonam Pandey: It’s sad that Nasha isn’t running in any multiplex in Mumbai

The Nasha actor feels that her latest erotic movie has been given a raw deal by multiplex owners

While her debut vehicle Nasha is doing well in single theatres, Poonam Pandey says her film has been deliberately kept out of multiplexes. “It is sad that our film is not playing in any multiplex in Mumbai,” said Pandey and added, “Director Amit Saxena had packaged the film for multiplex audiences. We are a victim of the politics of other big production houses.”

The Pandey babe explains further, “We haven’t got screens in multiplexes. Still our film was housefull wherever it was released, although we got fewer shows than expected. Our film got the best opening among all the releases last week.”

A source from one of the leading multiplex chains in Mumbai admitted that Nasha was boycotted. “There were too many releases this week. And Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is still doing well. We just didn’t have any slots for Nasha,” said the source.