Posted Tue, September 4, 2012 11:25am IST

The famous-for-being-famous babes are nowhere to be seen these days, in spite of their never-ending series of desperate antics and sensational dare-bare acts

Such is the pull of the glamour and glitz of Bollywood that people often choose to indulge in unbelievable antics to make it big. Ask the likes of Poonam Pandey, Rakhi Sawant, Veena Mallik and Sherlyn Chopra, and you will get the answer.

If Rakhi uses her stinging tongue and pigeon brain to steal the attention, Veena Mallik goes canoodling with a certain Ashmit Patel to get noticed. And if Sherlyn Chopra goes naked for Playboy, Poonam Pandey whips up unnecessary noise by posting embarrassing pictures of herself on a microblogging site. But where do these sensational acts take our desperate babes once the spotlight fades? Do they really make it big, or do they just make some money and stay satisfied with a range of sordid titles that tend to stick to their shaky reputations forever?