Poonam Pandey turns sanskari for Alok Nath – view pic!

Before you jump to any conclusions, let us tell the Nasha actor has gone desi only on Twitter and not otherwise

26 June will go down in the history of Twitter as the most memorable day courtesy Alok Nath. Yes, the babuji of Bollywood has finally said pranaam to Twitter. And the first person he has managed to turn sanskari on the popular social networking site is none other than Poonam Pandey. So much so that the Nasha actor immediately changed her display picture and wrote, “GR8 to see Sri @aloknath on Twitter. … Sir This is a Welcoming Pic for

You #AloknathEffect.” It’s a bit strange to see Poonam in a not-so-revealing attire, hai na? She looks like a typical agyakari, sushil chokri with loads of sharmo haya which we are pretty sure is not the case in real life.

The B-town beauty further posted, “First Day on Twitter of Sri @aloknath Made me Change my DP …. Lot more Sankars to Learn from Him #AloknathEffect.” Well, If Ms Pandey really wants to turn sanskari then wethinks she should start with changing her cover picture on Twitter….giggle! And no tweeting while bathing. For now this would be enough, right peeps?