Prague official trailer: Why is Chandan Roy Sanyal drinking himself into a stupor?

Chandan Roy Sanyal is seen going all wild and wacky in the film

Very soon we will get to see Chandan Roy Sanyal in an out and out different avatar in Ashish R Shukla’s Prague which will hit the theatre screens on July 26. Chandan is an unabashed pleasure seeker in the film – from reveling in happening shindigs to enjoying strip shows – CRS is doing it all. We like the hallucinating feel of the film.

Sanyal seems to be in some kind of a haze – he is lost in the sleazy lanes of the beautiful city. The song is super fun. Khol khol teri botol khol is a fast paced number. The tune grows on you and yes, makes you tap your feet without you even realising it. Sanyal is soaked in alcohol, and we really wonder what the film is all about. The conflicts in his head, the issues he is facing – we are curious to know it all…