Prakash Jha chooses Ranbir Kapoor over Akshay Kumar?

Prakash Jha is touted to direct the remake of Tamil film Ko, and wants younger star Ranbir Kapoor over Akshay Kumar

It was earlier rumoured that hit Tamil Film Ko starring Jeeva is being remade in Bollywood. A li’l birdie informs us that Prakash Jha has been roped in to direct the remake. Akshay Kumar was initially interested to play Jeeva’s character in the remake but Jha seems keener to cast Ranbir Kapoor. Well, guess that’s Akshay’s bad luck. Ko, based on Russell Crowe’s State of Play and received huge acclaim in the south and Jha intends to cash in on the adulation it got. The original director of Ko, KV Anand was also of the opinion that Ranbir or Shahid Kapoor would be a better choice for Jeeva’s role of a photojournalist in the remake. Ajmal who donned the character of the scheming Vasanthan Perumal in the Tamil version hopes to reprise his role in Hindi as well. And Karthika Nair who played the female lead will be maintained in the Aarakshan director’s version. While it’s not confirmed who will finally take on the lead role but with Jha helming the project we can expect a few controversies and objections making the headlines soon. In all this we wonder what Akshay’s reaction to the whole thing is. Any comments, Akki?