Prateik to play peacemaker between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan?

My Friend Pinto star has plans to forge friendship between the two mega stars and the biggest rivals of the industry

In a move that can definitely cause speculation on whether it’s a stunt to endorse his upcoming film, My Friend Pinto, actor Prateik has claimed that both Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have agreed to listen to his patch-up plan. Hah…Prateik, you want us to believe that? Anyway, we don’t mind giving the Jaane Tu Ya Jane Na star the benefit of doubt if he tells us how he is actually planning to pull off this next-to-impossible ask. So, what’s the plan Prateik? “I am not telling you my exact plan because I’m superstitious. But, yes, I’m working on it. On the day of the premiere of my film My Friend Pinto, I hope to be flanked by Salman and Shah Rukh. I even hope they will do a dance with me…one of peace and friendship,” said Prateik in a recent interview. We think the young and over-enthusiastic actor is playing with fire here! God forbid, if something goes wrong with his come on-patch-up-now plan, he may end up pissing off both the stars and in turn risk his budding career! Remember what happened to a certain Vivek Oberoi when he took panga with Sallu bhai?