Pratyusha Banerjee finally bags a show on TV!

Thu, February 20, 2014 6:40pm IST by
Pratyusha Banerjee finally bags a show on TV!

Life OK has apparently signed the actor to host their crime based reality show, Savdhan India

Post Bigg Boss 7, Pratyusha Banerjee has been whiling away her time looking for something interesting to do which doesn’t take a toll on her health. Looks like her prayers are finally being answered. It seems Pratz will be seen with Hiten Tejwani, hosting Savdhan India on Life OK. Incidentally, this stint will not be a long one. The makers have cast the actor for a special series, celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8) to host episodes related to crimes against women. Now isn’t that an interesting touch!

Well we just hope the actor takes the commitment seriously this time, ‘coz one more story on Pratyusha’s unprofessional behaviour will truly put the actor’s career in jeopardy. This will be her first appearance after the controversial reality show on Colors Bigg Boss 7. Wonder when the actor will take on a daily soap and come back to the small screen for good.

Keep watching this space for more information…

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  • Pradharth

    My God! You do hate her with a vengeance… Pity! I hope someone shows you the same “affection” if you ever face a rough time.


    Acting is behaving
    truthfully under imaginary circumstances !

    That’s what makes acting so attractive !

    Pratyusha….You are truely an attractive and highly talented

    What is an acting ?Acting is a process of discovery…a
    yearning to look within oneself and an opportunity to experience the world
    within your own being!

    Yes …you are a great actress …Pratusha ….come and
    discover yourself….We are waiting to see you in that process!!

  • padmaja

    Get a life, just remember whatever we do to others will certainly revert back to us whether positive or negative.

  • Branka

    And we all just hope, that you take for once your profession seriously, and start reporting about her without so much fling. Your hatred toward Pratyusha is growing by the day, and make you one bitter and malicious growler. You can wonder as much as you like, we all know that Pratyusha is a fabulous and amazingly talented actress, and that she will do just fine as a host in that show, and that she will be great in whichever show she choose to appear on TV.

  • Lili

    What others have printed about this is reporting the story; what you have written is displaying your apparent personal animosity… Gossip or no gossip… words always say more about the writer than about the subject… What I’m getting here from you is a miserable woman with issues… And the subject…Pratyusha… I think she’ll do just fine!

  • Simran

    Pratyusha is a young girl and immensely talented. Talent such as hers will surely find success.

  • Nataly

    I really don`t understand that: she is so beautiful, charming and very talented young actress and she is also on other continents very popular but yet, her own country people are so nasty about her… if I were an Indian, I would so proud of her…

  • Ravindra Wahulkar

    Please come back as Anandi