Pratyusha Banerjee: I am very short-tempered!

The actor is amongst the thirteen contestants chosen to enter the controversial house of Bigg Boss in season 7

Popularly known as Anandi of Balika Vadhu, Pratyusha Banerjee is kicked about her next big venture, although the actor refuses to divulge any details about it. Our sources confirm that Pratz is indeed entering the Bigg Boss house. “It’s already out, but I may or may not go for B; nothing is decided as yet.” Of course, we believe you Pratz.

When asked what her strategy would be if at all she goes into confinement, the actor said, “If I am to participate in Bigg Boss, I’d be completely myself. The audience would get to see what I really am and not the Anandi version of me from Balika Vadhu. I am nothing like Anandi. I am very short-tempered, but I will keep my cool.”

So does that mean we will see tempers flying in Bigg Boss this year too? Well, that’s a question we cannot answer right!

We’ve seen her fully clad and in Indian outfits ‘coz of Balika Vadhu, but in Bigg Boss’ house Pratz says that she will be seen wearing short skirts – basically western clothes. Now we wouldn’t mind that at all, but will the audience be able to accept the modern Pratyusha aka Anandi?