Pratyusha Banerjee: Savdhaan India is the best opportunity for me!

Pratyusha Banerjee: Savdhaan India is the best opportunity for me!
Yogen Shah

The Balika Vadhu actor is happy to have finally bagged some work

Pratyusha Banerjee has started shooting for the crime saga Savdhaan India and the actor is happy because she feels this is one of the best opportunity to try something ‘different’.  “Instantly, I said yes to the show because I wanted to do something exciting, something new and nothing could have been better than this,” Pratyusha said in an interview.

“Crime-based shows are doing really well these days. Such shows always excite me and for me, anchoring was a different thing,” she added.  Pratyusha has so far worked in popular TV series Balika Vadhu and participated in reality show Bigg Boss 7, describes Savdhaan India as the “best opportunity” for her.

The special segment will start March 3 on Life OK. Hiten Tejwani and Sushant Singh will join her as co-hosts.  When asked if she is doing any other project, the 22-year-old said: “Let’s see what happens next… I have not planned anything.”

Well, with her reported attitude issues, this babe must be just glad that she had at least one project in hand. We wonder what really happen to her big Bollywood plans?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Pradharth

    So, the Pratyusha hater strikes again! Can you please go in for some unbiased reportage once in a while and surprise yourself too.

  • Athena

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  • Athena

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  • Mehek

    strange u guys never fail to taunt her n still post articles abt her n earn money with that…y not stop posting altogether? n she will continue to have work until her true fans love her . her talent is with her….so next time u cover her big show or big bollywood flick remember this post

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  • Branka

    Pratyusha is a beautiful and talented actress, and you are, I guess, lacking both, the beauty and the talent. Hence the hatred towards Pratyusha, and the constant need to demean her. She will always have the chance to explore variety of opportunities in her successful career, you will always be cynical, malicious, untalented gossip writer.

  • Vibha

    Attitude issues? Why are you so consumed by hatred that you forget that you are the one with attitude issues and are prejudiced towards the lovely and exceptionally talented Pratyusha Banerjee, go get a life!

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