Pratyusha Banerjee trying to ape Kareena Kapoor Khan?

Pratyusha Banerjee trying to ape Kareena Kapoor Khan?
Yogen Shah

The former Bigg Boss contestant is either inspired by Bebo or is trying to copy her. Confused? Read on to know what exactly we are talking about…

Kareena Kapoor Khan is class apart when it comes to style. Be if off screen or onscreen, this B-town beauty never fails to impress us with her sartorial sense, right? Maybe that’s the reason why Pratyusha Banerjee has been dressing up like Saif Ali Khan’s wifey. Ms Banerjee is currently hosting Savdhaan India and her look for the crime show is similar to Kareena’s from her film Bodyguard. Remember Ms Kapoor Khan flaunted ethnic attire in her 2011’s blockbuster co-starring Salman Khan? Well, Pratyusha has been doing the same on her show. However, wethinks it’s impossible to ape the Bollywood starlet. After all, she is nothing less than a style diva, hai na?

As for Pratyusha, we aren’t big fans of her style statement so it’s good that she is taking cue from KKK at least for her onscreen avatar. But in real life, we would like the telly actor to be original style wise.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • beboiloveyou!!

    a lot of people loved bodyguar avatar and bebo you are the best !I love you bebo!!!;)

  • Lazar


  • Branka

    All respect to Bebo, but what she has to do with Pratyusha. And what you mean Prats show?? You think she own it, and can decide what she will wear while hosting, or there is stylist in that show who decide that?? Pratyusha looks gorgeous in that show and on screen, as well as off screen, and whether you are admirer of Pratyusha’s style statement or not, you are only stating your own opinion, so you start using I instead of we, because WE, Prats fans, love Prats and her unique style. :)

  • Lazar

    Really?Does that journalists carry only unique wardrobe?Have you checked prātiņi dental records, perhaps by someone imitating?Better justify their ethics, conscience, morality, show your competence and write what you should seek to pišete.A to track wearing a wet suit, would you be satisfied? Even then would not, because you just grab a couple of them in your jaw and grind.On others, “all the best” and it does not matter whether it is true or false!