Preeti Jhangiani’s panty line: Wardrobe malfunction or publicity stunt?

Going daringly bare “down there” seems to be a shortcut many are taking to grab a slice of the starry pie. But does that really do the trick?

Remember Preeti Jhangiani, the actress who’s known for her one and only decent movie, Mohabbatein? She has shot into the limelight all of a sudden. The actress was caught exposing a li’l too much while promoting her recent movie, Sahi Dhandhe, Galat Bande, along with hubby Parvin Dabas. The other starlets who have born the same brunt of excessive and unsuitable exposure in the not too distant past are Shamita Shetty and Yana Gupta, to name just two. The crux of this matter is, whatever the reasons are for these unpleasant faux pas, whether it’s for gaining publicity or merely absent minded accidents, the whole process of amplifying the incident and creating a great brouhaha about it just seems so disrespectful. Some of these B-town beauties take the whole episode of wardrobe malfunction with a pinch of salt, while the others just shrivel in some comforting corner. Blowing things out of proportion is definitely not the solution and getting cheeky just doesn’t add the required spice. So we suggest these gals be more careful with their little black dresses or think of other ways of gaining attention. Meanwhile, we continue preaching…even though we know that most of it falls on deaf ears!