Preeto, get your act right!

A know-it-all heroine is just one of the many minuses of the show

Sawaare Sabke Sapne Preeto once again disappointed us. And to think we were relieved Imagine TV’s show was finally chugging along a believable track. It began on that totally nonsensical note of Meeta’s mother deliberately arranging her wedding to a married man. Okay, so she didn’t know suitor Bobby Singh was a sleazebag, but a married man? We patiently waited three long weeks for her to get her head straight. And when Rajbeer Singh made his entry on a bike and bashed up a few purse snatchers, we swooned! But now the show has slid back into a quagmire. The increasingly-irritating Preeto mistakenly believes that Rajbeer is going to commit suicide just because he is standing on the bridge of a lake. So she runs to save him, and accidentally both of them fall into the lake. Now she doesn’t know to swim and it is up to Air Force pilot Rajbeer to save her life. He is about to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation to help her regain consciousness when she wakes up and starts accusing him of trying to molest her! And in typical heroine fashion, she doesn’t listen to any of his explanations. She doesn’t stop to think about how she is out of the lake when her last conscious memory should have been of falling into it. Or even wonder how her clothes got wet. Instead, she drags him to the police station in an extended humdrum boy-meets-girl sequence, and even the cop who takes down her statement doesn’t realise there is an obvious gap in her memory. By the time the truth comes out and she gets sense knocked into her, we couldn’t stop our yawns. We wouldn’t even be bothered about watching the next episode, if it wasn’t for the dishy Aditya Redij (Raghav of Na Aana Iss Des Laado), who plays Rajbeer. Now that’s an actor who can save the show! But will he?

Sawaare Sabke Sapne Preeto airs weekdays at 8.30pm on Imagine TV