Preity takes over from Aishwarya?

The latest over the wire is that the dimpled babe with the crazy giggle is replacing the mommy-to-be in a new film

Yeah, you read it right, our very own Ms Zinta – who has been awol from Bollywood movies, though we do see her at the occasional party – could be taking over from the beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. As you all know so well after reading all the goss on, Ash is gonna be a mommy in a few months and will obviously be rather more well-filled soon than she already is. And even after the baby arrives, she may need to take a few months off to get into her new role as mother-dear and do some maternal bonding. But movies never wait for too long and the film she recently signed opposite hubby Abhishek – as a favour to him as a loving support system and loyal wife, apart from the apt actor for the role – will need to be made, or else filmmaker Rajkumar Santoshi could have issues, we know. So Abhi’s good buddy Preity is likely to step in, or so we are told, since she is not just right for the part, but also makes a good foil to Abhishek onscreen. So far she has agreed, we hear, because she has some time to spare and likes the script. But, ladies and gentlemen – and what a coincidence, that is the name of the film too! – wethought Preity had nothing much to do in Bollywood these days, what with her being so tied up with her cricket team, her television show, her further education classes and goodness knows what else. If anyone knows more about this, do tell!