Preity Zinta finally accepts that she was arrogant!

The bubbly Bollywood beauty maintains that her first venture as a producer did not work because she made some really bad choices

Preity Zinta is known for speaking her mind-no matter what! She doesn’t mince words and comes straight to the point even when stinging questions are asked.

Its’ been a long since we saw her making her chirpy presence felt on the silver-screen. These days we see her more on the cricket field, supporting her IPL team Kings XI Panjab.

The 39-year-old star believes that she is not afraid of taking risks when it comes to riding her money on the movies she believes in, but at the same time she doesn’t shy away from taking the responsibility for producing a dud like Ishkq in Paris. “It didn’t work but I am not one to be bogged down. It was an experiment, a learning experience.

Can you think of one production house that has not had a film that didn’t work? I am the only person who has made a film where no one lost money. I have done many right things so I can accommodate a failure. I was a bit arrogant in some ways and also had some bad luck. But there’s something coming up soon. Now I have learnt enough to direct a film,” said Preity.

We hope that the wheels of fortune and oodles of good luck will turn in Preity’s favour and she will continue to entertain us in the way only she can!