Preity Zinta is not a loser

Preity Zinta is not a loser

The dimpled actor has moved on in life and is now focussing on her forthcoming film

Preity Zinta hasn’t been doing too well, since her break up with Ness Wadia. She was last seen onscreen in the Salman Khan-Kareena Kapoor-starrer, Main Aur Mrs Khanna, almost three years back. Since then there have been many false-starts, nasty rumours and gossip about how she hasn’t been able to pick herself up post the breakup.

Some insiders insist that her forthcoming film, Ishkq in Paris, is in serious trouble, which is why she has asked her friend, Salman Khan, to bail her out. Rubbishing all the idle talk about her relationship status, in a recent interview, Preity said, “What do you think? I am a loser? Yes, of course we are friends. When you date someone for that long how can you not be friends? But we are not the best of friends. We don’t talk to each other everyday because that’s weird. I have always kept my professional life and personal life separate as that’s my policy. The only time I got mixed up professionally and personally was with Ness. I don’t think I would ever do that in the future.” Wethinks it is good that Preity has learned from her experience and we wish to see her million dollar-dimpled smile on the big screen, soon. Don’t you?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ralph

    LOL who says all those were just nasty rumors?

    • truant

      LOL u gotta believe everything this honest starightforward woman says never mind if the whole world has a diff opinion of her..hehe

  • Demon

    This is one abnormal animal with an insatiable appetite for men. People cant manage 1 relation, she has been effing around with so many producers, directors, actors, models cricketers, businessmen, old, young, married, unmarried…Bollywood gossip mongers are on over drive and she has become a laughing stock everywhere and everyone knows of her front face and back face dialogs and actions.

  • rohit burman

    All losers say they are not losers