Preity Zinta molestation case: Salman Khan finally comes out to support the actor!

After dancing at Kick’s promotional event on being asked to comment on Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia’s controversy, the actor has finally come to his senses

Despite postures of public indifference Salman Khan did reach out to Preity Zinta to inquire about her well-being.

According to sources he called up the actress and offered any help that she would need.

Salman said at the launch of his new film’s first-look that he doesn’t tolerate tantrums. He obviously doesn’t mind tolerating his own tantrums. At the first-look launch of Kick Salman kicked up a royal fuss when a spunky journalist asked him to give his take on his buddy Preity Zinta’s ongoing conflict with Ness Wadia.

Salman, not known to be a bright student of the Cool School, lost his cool in no time at all, intimidating, ridiculing ,mocking and trying to shut down the journalist. Finally he burst into a dance when the journalist(God bless her free spirit) insisted on an answer.

When Salman danced Jacqueline Fernandez slavishly joined in, Randeep Hooda clapped. And never mind if the jig was a dance dismissing and disregarding Preity’s brave battle for her dignity .

When Salman dances, those around him do the same. They have no choice. This was self-preservation, an art form that our industry specializes in.

A former close friend of Salman has an interesting take on his public display of disdain for his buddy’s distressful battle. “There are two Salmans. There is the loving caring Salman in private. That Salman, I believe, rang up Preity and spoke to her offering all help and support. Then there is the public Salman which thrives on ridiculing people and their problems. This is his way of entertaining his fans.”