Preity Zinta- Ness Wadia case: New witnesses’ statements recorded

The police recorded new statements yesterday

Marine Drive police late on Thursday recorded statements from the list on nine witnesses whose names industrialist Ness Wadia had provided last week.

The statement given by Pooja Dadlani, who was present in the Garware Pavilion on May 30 when the alleged argument took place between Wadia and actor Preity Zinta, ‎police said is neutral.

‎According to sources, Dadlani apparently told the police that she did not hear anything or see anything that indicated that there was an argument going on between them. ‎Police said that Dadlani, who was the guest of Wadia, did not take sides of either her host of Zinta in her statement. “She simply allegedly narrated her version of what she saw and heard,” said a police officer on condition of anonymity.

Wadia had on July 2 submitted a list of nine witnesses to the police who would apparently corroborate his version of the events. Wadia claimed that an argument had taken place between him and Zinta regarding seating arrangements at Garware Pavilion but rubbished the allegations of manhandling or abusing Zinta.

Meanwhile, Zinta had submitted four photographs to the police showing bruises on wrists claiming that these bruises were caused after Wadia manhandled her. The photographs have BCCI watermark on them and the police in the process of checking the authenticity of these photographs.

Police said that they would be calling the remaining eight witnesses from Wadia’s list soon.