Preity Zinta questioned by Enforcement Directorate over IPL assets

But while birdies suggest that the meeting went on for over 10 hours, PZ tweets that’s not true

On March 5, Preity Zinta spent a lot of time answering questions put forth by the Enforcement Directorate in connection to her investments in the Indian Premiere League.

The actor, well-known for her dimpled cheek, came under scrutiny for the irregularities in investments in her IPL team King’s XI Punjab that is co-owned by industrialists Mohit Burman, Karan Paul and Ness Wadia.

An ED official reported that Preity complied with the proceedings and appeared before the authorities at 10 am on Tuesday. And this inquiry was conducted only to ascertain the source of money being put into this tournament, and to investigate if there’s any money laundering happening. Shahrukh Khan was questioned for the same reasons last season.

While reports suggested that Preity spent over 10 hours with the ED officials, our bubbly actor had something else to say. “As usual the India media excels in distorting & making up stories. 4hours is not 11hours & every IPL team has been4 this meeting not just us,” she tweeted.

But why sweat over those inane details PZ, when the meeting – for whatever number of hours – went without hiccups? We’re happy that you’re not involved with any kinda shady affairs, and think you should be smiling too. Right, readers?