Preity’s ‘Z factor’ drops as she gets older

Has Preity Zinta lost that charm of hers, or is she just not being given the right offers?

Claiming that her new show ‘Up Close and Personal with PZ’ is loaded with the ‘Z factor’, Preity Zinta started off with a bang by inviting Salman Khan for the first episode, aired recently. In the promos, Zinta is seen grooving in a zingy tassel dress and has tried hard to show her bubbly best side. But for some reason, her effervescence seems to have has fizzled out over the years. She looks like a shrivelled flower who’s trying to keep her essence alive with the help of certain cosmetic treatments (Botox perhaps, or maybe lip enhancement?). Her wide 1000 watt smile has transformed into a strange grin that is oddly static, as is her former wonderfully mobile face. What’s left is her amazing attitude and a certain perseverance with which she carries herself, which thankfully remains intact and give us the courage to endure this once upon a time bubbly babe’s blabbering on the small screen. The first episode was all fun, her looks apart. Salman and Preity were like two toddlers capering about, laughing away and wiggling their muscles. Preity is articulate as a host and tries her best to connect with the guest. Wish the creative team utilised her in a better way than dressing her up as a glam doll and making her the owner of a shocking pink couch. PZ recently said in an interview that Oprah Winfrey was her favourite host. Now that’s a direct hint to the honchos, wethinks, that she herself wants to get out of the boring celeb rut. We aren’t really short of star chat shows, so we cannot help wonder what makes these TV people test our patience and put their own TRPs at stake.