Preity’s ‘Z factor’ drops as she gets older

Preity’s ‘Z factor’ drops as she gets older

Has Preity Zinta lost that charm of hers, or is she just not being given the right offers?

Claiming that her new show ‘Up Close and Personal with PZ’ is loaded with the ‘Z factor’, Preity Zinta started off with a bang by inviting Salman Khan for the first episode, aired recently. In the promos, Zinta is seen grooving in a zingy tassel dress and has tried hard to show her bubbly best side. But for some reason, her effervescence seems to have has fizzled out over the years. She looks like a shrivelled flower who’s trying to keep her essence alive with the help of certain cosmetic treatments (Botox perhaps, or maybe lip enhancement?). Her wide 1000 watt smile has transformed into a strange grin that is oddly static, as is her former wonderfully mobile face. What’s left is her amazing attitude and a certain perseverance with which she carries herself, which thankfully remains intact and give us the courage to endure this once upon a time bubbly babe’s blabbering on the small screen. The first episode was all fun, her looks apart. Salman and Preity were like two toddlers capering about, laughing away and wiggling their muscles. Preity is articulate as a host and tries her best to connect with the guest. Wish the creative team utilised her in a better way than dressing her up as a glam doll and making her the owner of a shocking pink couch. PZ recently said in an interview that Oprah Winfrey was her favourite host. Now that’s a direct hint to the honchos, wethinks, that she herself wants to get out of the boring celeb rut. We aren’t really short of star chat shows, so we cannot help wonder what makes these TV people test our patience and put their own TRPs at stake.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Seika

    Seriously guys, how many women you know in real life still looks like the she does at her age? Preity Zinta is still very pretty and her personality more than makes up for everything else.

    This is such a bait article. What’s terrible is that shortly after this article was posted, you guys change the picture of Preity Zinta to a more stiff, unflattering and less natural picture. Why not keep the original one you guys posted when this article was put up?

    • Perez

      Sure her personality makes up for everything else. She can stand out and upto Aishwarya and Kareena by her diction..her attitude; and even m too sad that it is true tht she has lost her looks and she should stop acting girly!

  • Perez

    What is written here is sadly true. Inspite o being a die hard fan of Preity, I realise she has lost her looks. Her current face would suit deglam traditional roles like she did in 2008 Heroes; sadly it doesnt suit in western attire! And she should stop trying to be girly if she has lost her face. I’d like her to be gracious and mature!

  • Amar

    i totally and completely disagree with the above article!!!
    at 34 years of age, she still looks way pretty and cute than her contemporaries!! i would like to suggest to the person whoever has written this that he or she must see the whole teaser video of the ”Up and close with PZ”. she looks flawless and she has a sense of style which is just super savvy and is beyond comparison with actresses of her time!!
    she has brought various new trends of clothing plus hair styles in Bollywood!!
    the writer should be ashamed of what she or he has written…i think she is back with a bang…the first show was super entertaining!

  • Amar

    i think she looks absolutely fabulous for a 35 yr old, she is still my favorite actress!!!! period

  • Singer


  • glamsham

    LMAO!! Btown has a shelf life. If she cant accept that no1 is to blame. The more she has overshot her time everywhere the more people have recognised what a horror she is…she stands a chance only in new pastures now. The sooner she gets this better for her.

  • PreityForever

    Preity Zinta looks really pretty, she hasnt had any cosmetic surgery (she doesnt need to) and she speaks really well. I completely disagree with this article!
    Preity’s personality,her sense of style and her ways make her different from the cliche celebrities,she is one of the most intelligent and humourous actors.

  • glamspix

    Heard PZ is working in Chatwal’s movie directed by Shekhar Kapur. What a combo what a combo??!

  • indianbolly

    This is a preity zinta paid article. Pretending to write negative stuff but with more absurd self glorifications.

  • GlamPix

    Bubbly, dimple, vivacious – over used, over hyped cliches unsuitable for a 39-40 yr old woman. Showing fat legs also kind of fugly to look at. Shriveled flower? LOL Zinta cud be The Rafflesia not amy other. 1000 watt smile? Never. A pretentious, airy, I know it all, I am master of my destiny attitude full of self obsessive lies. Eventually every1 sees through all these masks. Thats why it aint doing well

  • Amar

    @glampix and indian bolly. get a life!!!
    i know you all have been paid to write against an actress who as always been brave and perfect in what she does!!
    i so so pity you!!
    she still rocks…and get ur facts right…she is 34 not 40…
    ur comment was so lame!!!

  • umer01

    still she remains as fresh in our memories as she used to be

  • LaDiiRasta

    I agree, her smile is kinda weird, its like she aint smiling at all..but i still love her….

  • Preity 4 lyf

    Zinta u da mst beatyful lady. Am fan of ha, am sayng preity u wl be there 4 eva i lv u ma angle

  • safz

    Her show is flow and boring. Conversations don’t even flow in a good direction. So many pauses and silences. Also very poor production. U can hear all the movements on the show. Sound quality is really bad. Too much giggling like a little girl. I really like preity but when she’s given a proper script and lots of edited parts so we don’t see the errors….