Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull all set to go Exotic!

Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull all set to go Exotic!

The Barfi! actor has joined hands with the American rapper for her next single

Priyanka Chopra is excited about her next single track, Exotic. After working with Will.I.Am in her sensational debut single In My City, the Miss World-turned-actor-turned-singer is now looking forward to her next track with none other than the American rapper, Pitbull.

A little birdie has chirped to us that PeeCee is in Miami recording some remaining portions of the song. She will fly back to India and perform in Kolkata on April 2 at the IPL 6 opening ceremony.

We hope that the Chopra babe will stretch her vocal chords and perform on the In My City track at the glamorous do for cricket aficionados. Pitbull will also be making his presence felt at the grand ceremony. Since Jennifer Lopez turned down the offer of performing at the event, the American rapper has been roped in to give the cricketing gala an international touch. We are wondering if Pitbull and PC will give us a glimpse of their new ‘exotic’ composition on April 2. We are simply keeping our fingers crossed. What about you?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • anonym

    Finally SRK financed her entire “music career.” As she gets his Pitbull. Priyanka is a flop singer. I think she will thank SRK in a very special way

  • pinky

    Haters are jealous much huh?
    Priyanka doasnt need SRK or whoever to work with hollywood stars. She is a big star herself. So haters just hate as you’ve nothing left to do.
    PC go girl. You Rock! :D

  • Blah

    This is months old news.

    As for SRK “financing” her music career… with what money? Bollywood stars have no money to do something like that. Anjula Acharia-Bath is financing her career along with Jimmy Iovine and Interscope. They want to create an international Indian pop star. Good luck with that though. Indians have no international appeal.

  • LordHelpUs

    Ugh. Another crap pop song from somebody who really can’t sing being thrust upon us. Please stop already!

  • Szymuś Fan Shakiry

    Of Do Can On ‘Exotic’ By Song By Priyanka Chopra And Pitbull (Rapper),I’ll Need Don’t Close Do To The Song And This Song!!!

  • Szymuś Fan Shakiry

    Somebody? @LordHelpUs So Weds While E-Mail?! By Song!!!

  • mahi

    deepika padukon ipl perform very borring nothing change same perform zee cine award and ipl

  • mahi

    priyanka whata performance mtv music award then anuska

  • chandan debnath

    priyanka best and all rounder heoroine in bollywood
    i like all song in my city ana exotick