Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull’s Exotic chemistry: View on the sets pics

Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull’s Exotic chemistry: View on the sets pics
Josh Ritchie/ The Wall Street Journal

The actor has been busy shooting for her next single with the international rapper in South Beach, Florida

Priyanka Chopra’s next single Exotic with international rapper Pitbull is almost ready and we will get to see the duo on screen soon. Last month, the actor-singer was slogging away to finish shooting the song in South Beach, Florida. And PeeCee has confirmed that there will be lots of heavy dancing in this number.

Photographer Josh Ritchie shot some amazing on the sets pictures of PC and Pitbull in action for The Wall Street Journal, and must say the two seem to be having lots of fun. While Pitbull oozes his usual charm, PC is looking super slim and uber sexy in golden pants and bustier! Now we can’t wait to watch the video!

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  • anonym

    Plästig Chopra looks cheap and shamelessly …. no surprise that men girl and women to rape by such a sight

  • Shreya

    The diva. Amazing.. Jealous..

  • Mik

    True she looks bad looks vulgar. She is better to do polish her acting and do more gud movie rather than making english Albums, Shes a gud actress.Not as gud as Vidya so try to polish ur acting skill PC

  • Huh

    @anonym: Are you serious? Uneducated, low people like you are the reason why rape and sexual harassment is so normal in India. You belong in a slum. Go there.

  • lOvE yUsOp

    thE diva Of bOllywOod nOw is gOing tO bE diva Of hOllywOod……

    i can’t wait tO sEe Ur nExt singlE EXOTICs……….gO gO gO gO gEt nUmbEr OnE again in thE chart list likE in my city,,,,,,,,,,peOplE chOicE awards.

  • brian minix

    shes the best there is quit talkikng shit abouit her shes firstclass

  • loveline

    pc rocks can’t wait to see ur single

  • Raj Malhotra

    Unbelievable! Piggy Chops with Pitbull

  • hasan

    She is a great actress and much more than vidya as she is just an actress but PC is an all rounder and a true rockstar.