Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor maintain a distance

Ranbir Kapoor’s casanova image precedes him, so it comes as a shock when the actor is seen purposely avoiding his Barfee co-star, Priyanka Chopra. Wonder what’s going on?

A li’l birdie from the sets of Barfee reported that Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor have consciously decided to stay away from each other. Now what does that sound like to you? Is all the distance due to a lovers’ tiff or is there more than that meets the eye? But wait! Before you jump to any conclusion, Piggy Chops clears the air and says that her silence is just a way of getting into her character in Barfee. Apparently, Priyanka is playing a mentally challenged girl and Ranbir is playing the role of a deaf and dumb person. In order to add depth to their respective characters, the actors have decided to work on it off screen too. Now that’s being truly professional. But we don’t think that’s the whole story. The duo was apparently pretty close during the filming of Anjaana Anjaani, but ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor did not appreciate their bonding. Then again that’s the story of the past, considering Ranbir and Priyanka are both single, we can’t stop wondering, why all the aloofness? Guess that’s a question only they can answer!