Priyanka Chopra beats Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone to be Madhur Bhandarkar’s Madamji!

Priyanka Chopra beats Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone to be Madhur Bhandarkar’s Madamji!
Yogen Shah

We conducted a poll recently, asking you to pick a heroine for Madhur’s next project. Well, here are the results…

It’s an old tale that Madhur Bhandarkar, who has impressed the masses with his hard hitting and realistic films like Fashion, Traffic Signal, Page 3 amongst others, is now coming up with yet another realistic drama titled Madamji, a movie centred around the life of a female actor-turned-politician. The filmmaker was quite confused between Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra to play the leading role for his new project. That’s when we decided to help him out and asked you BollywoodLifers, to pick a heroine who you would like to see, as Madamji.

You have given your verdict and Priyanka Chopra has emerged as the winner by acquiring maximum votes. We received a total of 9,575 votes, out of which the Exotic babe has won the poll hands down by bagging 5,108 votes, which is over 53 percent of the total votes. Katrina Kaif has followed Priyanka with 2,288 votes (24 percent). Well, now that is nowhere close to the number of votes that PeeCee has got. What say?

The third position is claimed by Deepika Padukone, who has got 1,357 votes (14 percent). Now that comes as a surprise, doesn’t it? After all Dippy is the flavour of the season, hai na? Anyway, Kajol bagged the fourth position by winning only 329 votes (3 percent), while Vidya Balan is on the fifth place by getting 315 votes (3 percent). And finally, the last position is secured by the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit, who has bagged mere 178 votes (2 percent).

So if Madhur is reading this, he knows whom to cast as Madamji. And if he does rope in PeeCee, then it will be the second time when the filmmaker and actor come together after Fashion.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • deep

    omg u feel bad for deepika? this site has always has bad things to say abt katrina stop behaving like deepika’s pr u are a site not pr ppl

    • HyorinDeepiPari

      If they didn’t report on How Deepika was the ‘flavour of the season’, I would consider them to be lacking journalists. The report was based on standard trend and hence shows why it’s a bit shocking. If any website didn’t state a similar deduction then I would be questioning their journalistic skills.

      • deep

        Now this poll is done by them rite? so ppl have voted then why question the choice? plus if the site felt that deepika is better then why not say it when priyanka was chosen one why they pick katrina. I don’t know if u read there articles but most of them have been against katrina

  • <3cppd<3

    PC deserve well in fact..if pc star in the will create history like they did with fashion..all the best for the film..

  • pinky

    PC will be the perfect choice. (Y)

  • janet

    you say katrina got second position and Deepika third? don’t have any faith in your polls..

  • Gunday 14th Feb ❤️

    PC or deepika I’m sure madhur knows that… He won’t let us down

  • nand

    what’s up with people in India, Do you think Katrina can act??? She is an expressionless women with no acting skills.

  • Ashika Singh

    This pole does not mean a thing as only 9575 people took part in it whereas the Bollywood audience is much much larger than that!!!
    PC is a good actress but she has not pulled off a movie well, solely on her shoulders, as this seems to be a sole lead film.

    • Nailesh patel

      I think madhuri dixit is best for madamjji…she is true good actress