Priyanka Chopra beats Vidya Balan to win ‘Best Female Actor of the Generation’ title

Priyanka Chopra beats Vidya Balan to win ‘Best Female Actor of the Generation’ title

The Barfi! actor received maximum votes in a week-long poll on

Last week conducted a poll asking readers to vote for who they think is the Best Female Actor of the Generation. And we got a great response from fans – we received 12,486 votes in all. Priyanka Chopra got a whopping 37.79 percent votes and won the poll. The actor, who is on a high after a brilliant performance in Barfi! and consistent acting efforts through her career like in 7 Khoon Maaf, Fashion and Aitraaz, won the contest quite comprehensively. “PC is the Best actress,” wrote a fan.

Vidya Balan, who has delivered powerful performances in Paa, No One Killed Jessica, Ishqiya, Kahaani and The Dirty Picture, ended up in the second spot with 28.48 percent of the votes. The actor received some great comments from her fans too. “Vidya Balan has changed the male dominating film industry and she is a hit without help of a Khan or other top actors… so she deserves the best,” a female fan wrote.

Many fans felt that Priyanka and Vidya both deserved to be in the top spot. “Priyanka and Vidya are both are talented actresses, and both have excellent acting skills,” wrote a reader.

Fresh from the praise and success of Cocktail and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Deepika Padukone came third with 16.35 percent. Most surprising to us was that Kareena Kapoor filled the fourth spot with 15.19 percent votes, much lower than we expected!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • amit

    Kareena is always no 1 ….

    • pinky

      LoL . Kareena can never be the no 1 actress when there r more talented actresses like PC and Vidya, and she never was. :P

  • Shaan

    Thanks BL ! Priyanka chopra simply the best …

  • mano

    vidya or kareena are the best actresses..priyanka is good but not as good as them

  • Vinay

    wow amazng perfect results Tillyet PC has nt got her Due as an actress …hope she gts it soon …….supa HPPPy PEECEE rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sushine

    Priyanka deserves the position… She is the best actress in tinsel town Way to go priyanka

  • Amani

    Those who r cribbing about kareena at 4th place. Wanna ask where were u when the poll was on! now shut up and accept the verdict. PC is No 1. and we bebo fans are no 4 :(

  • Mubeen Ahmed Siddiqui


  • DR

    I have no idea why this has become such a big issue that PC is the #1 actress. First of all, this is on the internet – anyone and everyone can poll for multiple votes. It’s ridiculous that people look at this and immediately “celebrate” PC’s “victory”. Vidya is probably still on top, and while PC is still one of the best that we have in the industry, I don’t see how Deepika is even on this list. Where’s Rani Mukherjee? Anuskha? This poll is rubbish.

  • Ralph

    Its ONLY because PC has a LOT of internet PR.. you dumbos

    she is not a good actress.. by farrrrrr..

    • Ankit

      u r a moron…

  • kaya

    Kareena is self proclamed no 1…who was never no1 ..

    • chris

      PC go Girl u have many fans in Cape tow after Barfi!! and yes u deserve it unlike the much overrated Bebo!!!

  • soraya

    The only reason kareena didnt win is because she is highly underrated as an actress because produseres n directors dont take her seriously. Which is a shame cause she has proven she is just as good actress as aamir khan is the great actor.

  • Dan

    Love u priyanka

  • Ashok

    Priyanka is always the best…no other actresses of her time can compete with her …kareena can’t act…she survives in industry only due to being from kapoor khandan…i’m not pr of PC….she deserves best actress tag…..

  • Ram

    Priyanka is good..but I think Vidya deserve top position

  • Poonam

    When people said she has strong PR machinery I never believed it,
    but now this is confirmed at least in my mind. This is really cheap of her. When your number 1 you don’t have to prove yourself in such baseless surveys .your work ,films and box office will speak for itself