Priyanka Chopra chooses Vidya Balan over Deepika Padukone as the co-host

Priyanka Chopra chooses Vidya Balan over Deepika Padukone as the co-host
Yogen Shah

The last episode of Koffee with Karan 4 had two competing actors sharing the couch

Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone were touted as BFF (Best Friends of Bollywood) after their public display of affection at various events and dos. This duo even appeared together on Karan Johar’s popular chat show, but looks like all this is a thing of past.When the Exotic beauty was recently quizzed at a press conference about which heroine she would like as her co-host for an award show, PeeCee didn’t even battle an eyelid before picking Vidya Balan over Deepika. Priyanka even added that the boombat babe and she share a great camaraderie and complimented the Kahaani heroine’s sense of humour. Now we wonder if this has anything to do with the number games in Bollywood. Considering the fact that not very long ago PC and Dippy were all mushy this sudden u-turn makes us wonder if Deepika’s success at the box office last year has made Don’s junglee billi see red. Not to forget it’s Deepika and not PeeCee who is bagging role opposite the King Khan and working with the biggies of B-town.

The other reason we could think of is that Ms Chopra is playing it safe safe because she is already co-hosting an award show with Deepika’s ex-beau Ranbir Kapoor. We’re sure taking Deepika‘s name would have added to a barrage of questions on RK Jr and Dippy’s failed relationship or onscreen chemistry, which PC avoided by mentioning Vidya in her answer, smart gal haan?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • pinky

    Stop stying to ruin their friendship. Pc and dp arnt bffs but good friends. She’s not kareen to get inswcure oe jealous of another person’s success.

  • nabs

    i think it’s because she wants to show that all is ok with vidya after she said in coffee with karan that she was upset when she didn’t get award for barfi which was given to vidya..and she said she thought she deserved it

  • nervends

    Really really what a mischievous piece of news, or rather, non-news.

  • WTF

    WTF just because Priyanka wants to co host with Vidya it doesn’t mean she’s not friends with Deepika. She wasn’t asked to choose between Vidya and Deepika. She was just asked to name a random actress and since she hasn’t worked with Vidya before she deicded to go with her. This article makes it sound like you must only ever work with your one friend and if you choose to be different and work alongside someone else you automatically hate your friend. Please stop writing such nonesense.

  • MyOpinion

    The Indian media sure knows how to create competition, negativity and animosity among Bollywood stars for absolutely no reason. How desperate are they for headlines? They should be ashamed of themselves for creating stupid articles like this!

  • nikhil kumar

    true that bitch hates deepika and is jealous because of her success

    • crena miami

      Bitch is your mother you fucking pompus twit ! Priyanka Chopra is the Goddess of bwood no matter what u think ! So deal with it

      • nikhil kumar

        goddess of bollywood my ass

    • pinky

      And you’re jealous of that BITCH u desperate hater.

      • nikhil kumar

        r u calling priyanka the bitch bcoz she truly is

  • iiHINDii ♕PC♕

    Seriously just bcz she said she wud like to co-host with Vidya so u start ur nonsense bullshit, why u didnt mention that when they asked her who wud she vote for Best Actress 2013 she said I wud vote for Deepika Padukone, u forget this? STFU plz!! They r a very good friends! And no one care for ur bullshit, another time think before u write!!

    • arohi


  • aliya

    she said vidya is a fun person to host so she wants to host with her. u forget to write that pc said dp deserves best actress award so it means they are friends