Priyanka Chopra dissed by Shahrukh Khan at Berlinale, headed to Grammy Awards

Posted Mon, February 13, 2012 4:26pm IST

Shahrukh did not walk the red carpet with Priyanka Chopra at the Berlin International Film Festival

According to the buzz, Priyanka Chopra’s appearance on the red carpet of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival was a disaster. Her Don 2 co-star Shahrukh Khan did not walk alongside her but arrived late with wife Gauri, and did not appear at the film’s press conference either. The only time he was seen with her was on stage after the Don 2 screening, says a website. Priyanka headed to Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards post Berninale.

This snub comes amidst frequent reports in the media of a torrid affair between Priyanka and Shahrukh Khan. Too much attention was being paid to the ‘friendship’ between the two, leading to B-town taking sides. Shahrukh’s wife Gauri Khan has apparently banned Priyanka from all her parties, and has made sure her friends Twinkle Khanna and Sussane Roshan do that too. Gossip also has it that Gauri acolyte Karan Johar has decided against casting PC in any of his films. While we do not know what the complete story is, we do see a clear distance between the two stars at Berlin. And we cannot help hoping that the long-term friendship is not lost in this battle of egos. Or is it a battle of love? You tell us. VIEW PICS BELOW

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  • Josephine

    Because shah rukh was with Gauri stupid shah rukh and priyanka living together, No,priyanka live in her own hotel she must not come with Shah Rukh,but they were there together on stage ,you people are looking for story to tell.Why don’t you mind your own business,Thank of your problem in the world and at ur home and stop talking Rubbish.

  • Billioners

    This story is ridiculous.
    Great cinema.

  • Megha

    Oh For God’s Sake!!! SRK was supposed to take a flight to Berlin, but it got cancelled. He later flew there in a private jet. That’s why he got late and came after Priyanka. Obviously, he won’t ask Priyanka to come out of the theatre again to walk with him.

    At least find out the entire truth before publishing stuff. I am no media person, but even I know all this.

  • Barbara

    Ridiculousness at its best!!!
    SRK was late due to a cancelled flight.
    His appearance on the red carpet happened while the film was still running in the cinema.
    It had nothing to do with PC.
    At this point of time, she was watching ‘Don 2′ with the audience.
    I know it because I was there, she sat only a few meters behind me.