Priyanka Chopra: Don’t accept someone who is cheating on you!

Priyanka Chopra: Don’t accept someone who is cheating on you!
Yogen Shah

The Gunday heroine has been extremely guarded about her personal life

Priyanka Chopra unlike Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone has not made headlines for her romantic escapades except on very few occasions. The Barfi! babe has always maintained silence on her link ups with Shahid Kapoor or then Shahrukh Khan. Don‘s junglee billi recently however talked extensively on qualities she’s cannot tolerate in a man/life-partner. The Mary Kom actor said in an interview to a filmi magazine, “Being disrespected! Many situations in life could demean you but the man you love has to treat you with respect. And that’s what a woman wants. Physical harm must never be accepted nor compensation in the form of gifts when you’re not getting all you want in love. A guy spoiling you is lovely but not because he’s not able to give you the real things. My dad used to spoil me and I’ve been fortunate to have always been spoilt in love. But it should never be as compensation. Also, don’t accept someone who is cheating on you. No way! Goodbye… If you’re not loved back, it’s not really love, it could be infatuation. If he doesn’t love you, it’s not love; it’s something what you desire desperately. That’s one thing women forget all the time. You can put the other person before yourself but not at your cost. Be the best you can be, feel your best and look your best. Make him feel that you are his ‘home’. Do not nag or crib all the time. The family that you create is in your hands. And if it becomes a man’s business, then the relationship will never work. You have to keep a home together; you have to keep love in the house. And if you let go of that, if a guy has to compensate for what you don’t do, then it’ll always go off balance.”

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  • yazz

    wow priyanka looks like a royal princess just love her more

  • RJ

    Queen of botox in Bollywood

  • akshay

    LOL!! coming from this woman such a gem on cheating is rich! Did she say it to Twinkle Khanna and Gauri Khan when she was ‘busy’ with their spouses?

    • aisha

      Not defending pc but the so called affair with akshay is called “Statutory rape ” in other countries , akshay would have been thrown into jail, cos when all that happened she was barely eighteen, as 4 Mr khan, he’s a fully grown adult, who should be given equal blame when it comes to this alleged affair, but what else would one expect from a country where women r blamed for being raped. Bottom line women get blamed 4 everything.
      The wives sad 4 them, esp. Gauri must really love her husband, stay 4 the children or must really fear losing out on being Mrs “X” to keep their alleged cheating husbands. In any case, does it mean because they accept their cheating husbands she shouldn’t have a right to an opinion on cheating mates?
      They have their choices & so does she.

  • Mohim Roy

    It’s Katrina and not priyanka, the botox queen of bollywood