Priyanka Chopra emulates Sarojini Naidu in ‘Muqtassar’

Piggy Chops will seek inspiration in Sarojini Naidu for Muqtassar and Kohli will pep it up with vibrant colours

With ex-lovers Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor getting back together onscreen, Kunal Kohli’s next film Muqtassar is bound to grab eyeballs. The movie, which is set in three different eras— 1910s, 1960s and 2012— will see the stars play lovers across centuries. Due to time span of the film, the actors are required to embrace a whole range of styles. Director Kunal Kohli believes that the look of his lead actors doesn’t need to be drab just because it’s set the early 1900s. During his research, Kohli discovered that the British Raj is dotted with natural dyes of vibrant colours and he has decided to use this bit of information to its creative best. Now, what’s most interesting is – Priyanka Chora’s style and body language will be inspired by the legendary poet and Indian independence activist Sarojini Naidu. So, now Piggy Chops is busy researching on the Nightingale of India, soaking in her style, body language and drapes. But while Naidu was known to wear subtle and subdued tones, Priyanka will be seen sporting vibrant colours. Ahem ahem. Putting all of this together could be a challenging task, Mr Kohli. Tread carefully or else you might end up upsetting some of the political type in the process!