Priyanka Chopra fights for her right to repeat outfits

PeeCee is promoting an online campaign in favour of celebs repeating clothes and accessories they like

Priyanka Chopra, who has been busy travelling for the shoot and promotion of her single In My City, has also been finding time to campaign against celebs being labelled as repeat fashion offenders. She has been promoting the fashion trend #itscooltorepeat via the Twitterverse style of hashtagging. It’s her stylist Ami Patel who started this campaign, encouraging women everywhere to repeat their fashion statements. Priyanka and Ami have been uploading pictures of the actor in outfits, bags or shoes that she has worn more than once at events.

Priyanka says in an interview, “Why should celebrities not be able to repeat or wear stuff they like? Why is it that when I wear my favourite outfit twice, it’s circled, zoomed in and runs with an unkind caption like ‘fashion offender’, or ‘she cannot afford it’. What bullshit! I can afford it, but maybe this is my favourite pair of jeans and I want to wear it three times. It’s cool to repeat outfits and I am going to do it.”

Even though no B-town heroine has gone all out to promote this point of view, some actors have been vocal in the past. “I like the outfits that I wear, so I don’t mind repeating them once in a while. In fact, I have a pair of sandals that I particularly like; they match with most things. And, why not?” Deepika Padukone had said.

Even Malaika Arora Khan had confessed that she recycles her outfits. “How can you expect someone to wear new stuff all the time? I repeat stuff, not just shoes, bags and accessories, even clothes.”

And it’s not only B-town folk who have to go through the scanner for repeated outfits. Famous personalities all over the world have been criticised for wearing the same clothes again. Recently Kate Middleton repeated a Missoni topcoat at the Queen’s Jubilee in Nottingham in June; she earlier wore it at an event in March) and was labelled a repeat fashion offender.

Lady Gaga defended Kate Middleton’s constant recycling of wardrobes at the MuchMusic Awards and said that she often re-wears her clothes. “I repeat my outfits all the time. I hate the fact that people believe that singers and actresses should not repeat clothes. I abhor that sentiment because I love all my clothes. As a woman who loves fashion, there are certain things in my closet that I can’t live without and I wear them over again and again because they make me feel a certain way. I just don’t view fashion in a disposable way,” she explained.

Actor Ryan Gosling, who is known as repeat offender, said on the Jay Leno show some time ago, “I feel a little self-conscious about it…apparently in show business you can’t wear the same thing twice because it’s like spitting in fashion’s face.”

We are all for the repeats, PeeCee, as long as it’s not a fashion faux pas. Do you think its okay for celebs to wear something twice if they like it?

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