Priyanka Chopra gets angry!

Priyanka Chopra gets angry!

The Dil Dhadakne Do actor’s good times in Barcelona were soured by unwelcome intruders

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most desirable babes in Bollywood and every fan of her wants to have a personal connection with her. Even PC loves to interact with her doting fans on Twitter and she constantly posts pictures of herself to keep her followers updates. But recently the actor got miffed by some unwanted attention she got while she was enjoying some ‘me’ time with herself.

Apparently some fans of her spotted Piggy Chops and started clicking pictures of her without asking for her permission. That didn’t sit too well with the actor and she shared her frustration on Twitter through this tweet, “It’s so rude when in a public place while u r sleeping or eating someone shadily takes ur pic.. Just ask man…”

Well, whoever barged in on Priyanka’s private time, shame on you!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • guest

    What is wrong in taking pictures of their favorite stars .Are they taking your pictures when you are sleeping with other stars ?? No right .At least you should be thankful that you have some fans unlke you contemproraries like deepika,kareena,katrina who have more fans than you .Even nowadays parineeti has more fans than you

    • Rony

      Why don’t everyone keep his opinion for himself and don’t talk with all people name in the whole world, PC is 2nd female in BW that has follwers on Twitter , and there is something known as stars private if u don’t here about it

    • Rangika Ba.

      Every one should have a private life man,,cheap people,,growup man, why can’t u ask if u want a picture of her, without doing shitty thing,,don’t talk abt deepika and katrina,, there will be no bitches than those two. And all know what their fans did for next time try to respect others.

    • aisha

      U wish.

  • rahul

    Why is such a fuss being made about this issue ?? And what private moments is she talking about ?? if you come in public will people not take ur pictures ?? You are a celebrity you dumb lady and you are not the only actress in B- town other actresses like katrina,kareena,deeepika,vidya balan,anushka sharma ,kangana ranaut are far more successful than you .If they take your pictures with your boyfriend or while you are wearing a bikini then you should be angry .You don’t mind posting ur pictures on twitter or facebook where everyone sees them and you get angry when someone takes your picture they r ur fans you stupid lady .

    • aisha

      Y don’t you just write out boldly that you hate her rather than beating about the bush? come on, even after hiding behind a computer you still don’t have the guts to come out clean? How more cowardly can u get?

      • rahul

        Hate her ??? what is there to hate her .It is just my opinion and who is hiding cowardly are u a idiot or what ?? can’t u see i have written my view

        • aisha

          Know one has to be an idiot or even smart to see that. Virtually all her contemporaries r more successful than her according to yr so called “opinion”What a “view”you’ve got.

          • rahul

            Plz go first know where to use the word ”KNOW” and it is a known fact that priyanka is way behind her contemporaries

  • @iKhirad

    “It’s so rude when in a public place while u r sleeping or eating someone shadily takes ur pic.. Just ask man…”