Priyanka Chopra has never felt the need for plastic surgery…really!

Priyanka Chopra has never felt the need for plastic surgery…really!

The actor said in a recent interview that she has never resorted to cosmetic surgery for changing her look. And we say that’s hard to believe

Priyanka Chopra admits that there was a time she didn’t know how to wield the make-up brush and apply the perfect strokes of blush on her cheeks. And since she has become an expert in it now, that’s one of the primary reasons she looks so different from her Aitraaz days. Now we may not be style divas or beauty connoisseurs, but we definitely have the common sense to point out the gradual and prominent changes in PC’s facial features. But looks like the Barfi! babe is in no mood to shout from the rooftops and accept the truth, even though the results are mind-blowing and Ms Chopra looks way better than she did before.

Seems like PC is happy pandering to conventional answers to be in the good books of her fans, and that’s something we least expect from a straightforward chick like her. And what’s disappointing is that just when we start harbouring notions that Bollywood has some real ballsy babes, they prove us wrong by showing us their true colours, sigh!
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  • shiv

    No matter the surgeries… She is the best actress in Bollywood

  • sadia

    o god…. look carefully to her miss india pic nd resent ones… her lips r same its jus tht as she said b4 she dun hav makeup sens n now she hav…. i hav seen all her pic really carefully nd i can bet tht she didnt do anything like surgeries….plzzzzzzz leave her alone…

    • sania

      No, her lips look the same, but her nose dosen’t. And even though it’s not considered to be plastic surgery- she has been whitening her skin. Her changes a far deeper than a brush stroke.

      • Huh

        She hasn’t been “whitening” her skin, but rather wearing a 100 lbs of makeup to appear lighter. Most Indian actresses do. It’s quite scary how different she looks irl.

  • julie

    Her face is totally fake. Plastic surgery nose, botox cheeks, silicone upper lip and skin whitening. She even gets body altering w/suctions and injections in her parents plastic surgery clinic. She and her fans lie about everything

  • lonnie

    whatever the rumor maybe…i still think she looks good, i like her, i like the way she improve her looks and her career, so what even if she did plastic surgery or watever, its our duty to improve and reveal our beauty…