Priyanka Chopra hotter in a bikini than Sunny Leone and Deepika Padukone, say fans!

Priyanka Chopra hotter in a bikini than Sunny Leone and Deepika Padukone, say fans!

Here are the results of the recently concluded poll in which we had asked you to vote for the sexiest bikini babe in B-town

Priyanka Chopra was up against the super sexy Sunny Leone and hot babes like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif, yet again. And once more, she has proven her power in B-town. The former Miss World has won the crown of the sexiest bikini babe in Bollywood. In the poll conducted by us, we received a total of 23,775 votes, out of which 22,552 votes were bagged by none other than the Exotic babe. While Priyanka accounted for 95 percent of the votes, the remaining 5 percent were distributed among the others. Far behind PeeCee was Katrina Kaif, who bagged 424 votes (2 percent). Deepika occupied the third place with 235 votes (1 percent). Surprisingly, or rather shockingly, Sunny Leone garnered only 212 votes which was barely 1 percent of the total votes!

All the other divas contesting the poll bagged less than 1 percent votes. Here’s the list! Anushka Sharma bagged 72 votes. The cutie of B-town Alia Bhatt won 69 votes. Rockstar babe Nargis Fakhri won 62 votes. Kareena Kapoor Khan, Esha Gupta and Sonam Kapoor bagged 57, 32 and 45 votes respectively. Lagging behind everyone was the Queen actor Kangana Ranaut who only managed to get 15 votes! Yes, you read that right!

Well, anyways, you tell us do you agree with this poll result or not? Is Priyanka Chopra indeed hotter than Sunny Leone in a bikini?

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  • roy

    priyanka rocks

  • unknown

    95 % votes goes to PC….isn’t strange…..????

    • Samia

      Ya 95 is too much. something wrong. I mean I don’t think Katrina have only 1,98.

      • lover

        Bit result is done..priyanka chopra is already keep clam and accept pc is queen

        • Sonali

          She find her true place has bikini babes. That the only thing where she is the best but when it’s about acting …………………………………………………… fffffff

          • euglo

            She is a good actress what are you talking about

          • jjj

            well said!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Mohim Roy

            O….. so Katrina and deepika are good actresses ??? Lol…. give me a break. … they are no where near Priyanka…… not in any field….

          • Queenshi

            deepika is good as priyanka ugly boy but i ok with you uglytrina is sick acting

          • Mohim Roy

            Ya….. nd u r oh so handsome r8?? :P …lol..gv me a break… I’d nvr look at my face if I had a face like urs… nd btw this discussion is about the celebrities bt if you wanna gt personal thn bring it on…!!

          • Queenshi


          • Mohim Roy

            First thing first. Get yourself an English tutor.
            Secondly, you are fake and u like gym toned athletic figure instead of the naturally maintained figure.
            Thirdly, peecee is the only one to have an hourglass figure in bollywood. So there shouldn’t be any more discussion regarding this and accept the fact.

          • Queenshi

            sorry no need an english tutor i’m from europe and i speak four languages and you just english and your english is not so good.
            pathetic boy priyanka have short legs and weird belly she just has a big plastic lips

          • Mohim Roy

            You belong to Europe. Ok. So what ?? That doesn’t ensure you of being good at speaking english. And btw, at least I hv life…..FAKE !!

          • Queenshi

            in europe we talk more French, Spanish, German than English

            I speak English even if my English is not perfect.

            but people who have no arguments speak misspellings.

          • Mohim Roy

            See yourself first….

          • Queenshi

            ugly kkkkkk

          • Mohim Roy

            Lol… FAKE !!.. Can’t say you ugly because that would be an insult to the word ‘UGLY’

          • Queenshi

            naturally maintained figure joke of the year bravo ugly

          • Mohim Roy


          • Mohim Roy

            Crazy deepika fans… oops… cheapika fans..

          • Queenshi

            me crazy please bitch. ugly ugly ugly boy and than stupid.
            I know you’re a fan of priyanka and I will not say anything about it because I love it too. but priyanka is not so good actress it.
            and there we talk about who is more sexy bikini and deepika wins and after I’d put katrina horse even if I do not like it.
            priyanka’s beautiful face but not exceptional body like deepika, katrina, Nargi, diana penty …

  • Rambabu yadav

    Prinka chopra is green, great&glamour. She always winner.

  • euglo

    Hahaha looks like priyanka fans had great time voting since she wasn’t winning much polls it was always kat and dp who were leading polls so congrts pc you won atleast 1 poll

  • euglo

    I am so surprised at the result but on plus side she does have a hot bod

  • Ara

    I wonder who were the voters apart from her p.r. team.

  • p

    Pc rocksssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  • Ivorian

    This is what it is – just gossip! The numbers could give mathematics a heart attack!!

  • bumble be of bohaimia

    you guys hv no right to talk so vulgar about my girl friend … pc.

  • bumble be of bohaimia

    lets say …. what about ur sister sunny leone .