Priyanka Chopra: I am ready for marriage

Priyanka Chopra: I am ready for marriage

The Barfi! actor-turned-singer says she she has not found a suitable boy yet

Actor Priyanka Chopra, who is looking forward to Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor wedding, says that she is ready to settle down, but is unable to find her Mr Right.

“From the age of four I have been waiting to get married. I am ready for it. My mom, dad are also ready but the only problem is I am not getting Mr Right. So that is a technical problem,” said Priyanka when asked if she was planning to settle down too.

Priyanka, who has turned a singer, was talking at an event to unveil her first single In my city.

Meanwhile, Saif and Kareena are likely to tie the knot October 16, and expressing her happiness for them, Priyanka said: “It is a beautiful thing that she is getting married. I feel it is the most beautiful beginning of a new journey. To me, Saif and Kareena make a wonderful lovable couple. I am looking forward to their marriage.”

However, neither Saif nor Kareena has confirmed their wedding date yet.

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  • Inge

    how can you get a Mr.rght when you r always after married men

    • igwemadu

      That was harsh!! Pyrinka just wants to feel what is like having a husband before making mistakes she would regret for the rest of her live.

  • AsIf!

    LOL! Homebreaker wants to get married? She is clearly BS-ing.

  • Saheli

    LOL at the comments previous to this one!

  • igwemadu

    Pyrinka should be a little more patient i would love to marry her without no regret.