Priyanka Chopra is making it big!

With her acting talent on show in Barfi!, and her voice stunning everyone who has heard her two songs, Priyanka Chopra is riding the high wave to super-stardom. But is it all public relations, or real quality?

It all started with a dream. A dream that Priyanka Chopra’s daddy Ashok Chopra had – to hear his daughter singing in front of an appreciative audience. But it took a while. First Daddy’s li’l girl had to prove herself – to herself – as an actor, which she has done over the years. Then she had to find the right time, the right place and the right voice. And the perfect opportunity came along. Networking, hard work and a huge load of encouragement later, Priyanka is ready to launch a new career as a singer. And what a take-off it has been for her maiden flight!

Her first single, In my city, done in collaboration with, was a fantastic surprise and lauded all over, even though it was conventionally poppy and dance-to-able. The second, released in bytes on pay-sites only recently, has already found fans – BollywoodLife being among them. This one of harder, more rock, more fun. Called Erase, it is a partnership between Priyanka and the Chainsmokers. And this is what the band has to say about her. “Working with Priyanka was such an incredible opportunity. Priyanka has such a sensual voice that really opens up which allowed us to create this big room vocal house sounds and still have a hard electro break.”LA Times lauds her as a pop star, “Her sultry smile, body-hugging dress and towering heels command attention. She has the image, sure. But not the name. At least not outside of India…Chopra’s transition from the world of Bollywood to US charts could break ground. And the machine behind her is working aggressively to ensure it does.”

And there is the point. With all her talent and chutzpah in place, Priyanka still says that “It scares the crap out of me.” It is her PR machine that is making sure that she stays in the limelight and scores big with the media, if not the critics. “Her album will be released through Iovine’s Interscope and RedOne’s 2101 Records imprint —both part of Universal, one of the biggest labels in the US. PC’s music career will be guided by Lady Gaga’s manager and she is the first Bollywood star signed to talent juggernaut Creative Artists Agency,” says the newspaper. Meanwhile, that same PR machinery is pushing for us to notice everything the bootylicious babe does, from posting pictures of her just awake to making sure that we, the presumably adoring public, vote for her as the sexiest Asian.

Will Priyanka really make it big with her musical talent and not just her networking? We certainly hope so. It is, after all, a new life for her!