Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Lopez or Mallika Sherawat: Who rocked the bodysuit style?

Barfi! lady Priyanka Chopra was recently seen wearing a sexy nude diamante studded bodysuit for her performance at the Times Of India Film Awards 2013. That outfit reminded us of Jennifer Lopez’s style at the American Music Awards 2011 and was uncannily like what Mallika Sherawat danced in at a hotel bash for New Year 2007  

Priyanka Chopra wears a nude bodysuit without making it look risqué. Her outfit is stylish, but it’s nothing on the sexy-meter compared to the benchmarks set by international star Jennifer Lopez and our very own desi Mallika ‘the controversial’ Sherawat. If we had to compare their styles with a swimsuit, Jen and Mallika’s styles are equivalent to seductive and sensual monikinis, while PC’s statement is akin to boy-shorts and bra combo that reveals very li’l cleavage.

PC and Lopez happen to be our favourites. While the Chopra chick is creating waves with her attitude, with very li’l skin on display, Jenny is a master when it comes to making anything look sensuous without seeming vulgar, of course. While we are not huge fans of Sherawat’s taste, we do sympathise with the poor babe who got into quite a lot of legal trouble when she managed to irk activists with that raunchily revealing ensemble – the shiny tasselled panties and the itsy-bitsy bra like arrangement of crystals on her nude onsie made people knit their brows in utter disgust. But Sherawat remained unaffected – courageous babe that she is – in fact, she left the party in a miff ‘coz it was being telecast, which was not in the contract she had signed.

Even though PC’s outfit is not as over-the-top as Sherawat’s shimmery horror, we think the Chopra chick has saved herself from being embroiled in a difficult situation. If people can sue MS for wearing a bodysuit coz it showed too much by illusion rather than by fact, they are quite capable of sending a legal notice to PC too. We guess performing out of India has its own perks. And as long as you are not Imam Siddique – who repulsed the hell out of us by wearing a bodysuit in Bigg Boss 6 – we see absolutely no reason why these chicks shouldn’t wear what they feel like and show off their dhinchaak moves with their even more dhinchaak curves.

For us, PC takes the cake here…and she must eat some too in order to celebrate the fact that she’s spared any hoo-ha. But will the outfit look as good on her after the calories go in?