Priyanka Chopra, Kajol’s airport style: Casual-funky and comfort-chic

The two babes were seen leaving town recently. And we loved the way they had put their ensembles together to get the perfect disembark-from-the-plane look

While PC opted for a metallic cuff to complete her rockstar appearance that comprised a denim shirt with a stylish sleeveless jacket, Kajol was seen swaggering around in a virgin white turtleneck and a striped stole, which we think is a very unusual combination. PC was the ultimate boho gal and Kajol was the la-di-da diva. But if you think that the only thing we are going to do is rave about these stars, then you are highly mistaken. We will also tell you how to assemble a cool airport look, just the way PC and Kajol have…

PC – You don’t really have to trudge from pillar to post to look like Ms Chopra. All you need is a pair of skinny black jeans, a full-sleeved denim shirt and a quilted jacket. You can always replace the quilted design with a rugged leather look blouson. And if you want to make certain modifications for a no-frills look, you can chuck the jacket and instead get a much cooler style by keeping the first two or three buttons of your shirt undone. Canvas shoes can be a substitute for heels if you are a sucker for comfort.

Kajol – If you want to very strategically hide your paunch, then following in Kajol’s footsteps is the best thing to do. The whole turtleneck and stole combo has won our difficult-to-please hearts. So if you have slight cellulite in your tummy area, instead of making yourself happy with self-reinforcing statements like ‘I look great despite being fat’, just get yourself a stylish monochrome high-necked top and team it with a vibrant stole, pronto!