Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone: Who is Shahrukh Khan’s ideal desi James Bond girl?

Posted Fri, October 19, 2012 1:33pm IST

Much hype is attached to the lady who romances the 007 spy. So while it’s evident that our Baadshah is the only enthu soul who’s dreaming of saving the world from tech-savvy goons and terrorists, we launch a hunt for the lady who fits in to the glamorous but dangerously spiked stilettos of the Bond girl

About a week ago we woke up to Shahrukh Khan candidly confessing on a microblogging site, “I am a big James Bond fan. always wanted to play a character like him… but am told… I am not smooth with guns or women… bah.” Alas, “the job is taken,” said Daniel Craig aka the current James Bond of Hollywood.

Even so, we didn’t want our Baadshah to feel blue and depressed about missing out on the chance of playing the suave 007. So we stopped our editors brushing aside the thought of SRK as Bond, and pondered one of the most obvious dilemmas we could think of – who could play the Bond girl for Shahrukh? Dan the man had the delicious Olga Kurylenko to canoodle with in Quantum of Solace and Berenice Marlohe takes his cake in Skyfall. So which B-town beauty can match up to those gorgeous faces and bodies and romance SRK in the most difficult of situations?

Not really the toughest task in the world, you may think. But remember, to play the coveted role, the lady definitely needs to be smart, sexy, physically tough, action-oriented, sharpshooter, vulnerable yet strong. Phew! Demanding, no?

Fear not, BollywoodLifers, we have racked our brains and thought hard and have now come up with all the possible contenders for the role neatly lined up. So take a peek and tell us, who you think could be the perfect Bond girl opposite our Baadshah…oops…Bond-Shah?

But then, we leave the final decision to you, dear readers. Tell us, who do you think will make the perfect desi Bond girl with Shahrukh as the spy with a license to kill…err…thrill?

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  • kat

    its undoubtedly PC. they make a hot pair

    • moonzzzzzz

      4 sure deepika

  • EM

    It is absolutely PC :D

  • Sunshine

    Obviously PC. No one can match PC and SRK chemistry

  • hussain

    miss chopra 4sure

  • Deepa

    Why you guys include joker faced Anushka here.. The most overrated overacting queen.. Shes perfect as a supporing actress.. And she will be ready to run naked if shes paid well..

  • Tayyab Qureshi

    of course Pigy Chops

  • inder

    priyanka to londy ldti h yr

  • Selin

    Priyanka have dat quality to b d perfect bond gal…….no one else have dat hot n bold look unlike her.

  • katrina kalf

    my feverit actor,s is katrina kalf ,,,,i like this ,,,,,

  • Vikraant Vats

    I think Deepika “Dippi” is the best match for bond series in India. As we all know dippi is growing day by day in bollywood film Industry and her Acting skill too. Her pesonality will suit for the movie as she is beautiful more than Beauty and also she is 5″9 Tall. All these qualities and skill stands her first in the race. So my Blessings whishes and Love is always with Dippi…..Best Of Glorious Luck for Her

  • mirza akhtar ahmmad begg

    priyanka chopra is srk bond girl.

  • ash

    piggy chopra is the best bond gal in india, in finding bond gals they dnt look at legs or face beauty n it all abt engery, elegances n over all beauty , so priyanka chopra all the wayyyy

  • Lady Utiputy

    No need to choose the Bond’s girl, because SRK not good for Bond.

    • Dhruv

      Guess then Hmm ur Dad will be Perfect Bond JAMES BUDDHA Perfeccccttt U A** H***

  • Suheyl

    No Doubt about this,
    It should be Priyanka Chopra. No Other Actress can match the ( Bond ) and chemistry between SRK and PC.
    So why not, Let the issues let go and Let PC and SRK rock the Show! Go PC

  • rekha

    priyanka chopra is best for srk

  • Tina

    of course..katrina kaif..
    but srk shouldn’t play BOND.not him!!!!!!!!
    Hrithik Roshan should b Bond…

  • Ajay

    Is Katrina Kaif an Actress? Lolz…. just gud for intimate Scenes. She Cann”t Play 10% of Character.. Priyanka would be best choice for this role

    • pavan

      Who ever chøosing other that priyanka its worthless cos of her gorgeous,stunny looks in DON sequels so better say of course our junglie billi wil the best “BOND GIRL” come on piggy

  • shahbano hussain

    Theres no doubt that Deepika is an awesome for match for srk. she is the best choice because she is the prettiest and the best actress!

  • fatima


  • shahbano hussain

    I also think hrithik roshan should be bond. either him or ranbir kapoor with deepika padukone as the bond girl

  • t khan

    Wait hold on katrina did the stunts herself in ek tha tiger as her face is clearly shown in the shot and kabir khan also stated her getting up early in the morning to practise the stunts.
    So she will be the perfect bond girl

  • Harper

    Why, SRK, why? Leave action, man! You’re bad at it. Bollywood already got a James Bond, who never changes (Akshay ‘Khiladi’ Kumar). In Hollywood, JB changes every few years while in Bollywood, we have the same JB every year! Please don’t do this. And if you are going to, I recommend Katrina Kaif. She’s did Ek Tha Tiger, where she did the stunts herself. She’s doing Dhoom 3, stunts again. And then remake of Knight and Day, which has her performing action again.

  • djmk

    Someone young should the bond, Hrithek, Harman Bhaweja, Shahid with Nargis Fakhri, Katrina Kaif or Deepikaa

  • Nina

    I think katrina kaif should be it cuz she jst soo beautiful and she jst the best love her loadzz xxXx

  • Selena

    Priyanka cchopra will be the best choice. She and Kareena are the only actresses who can properly act in this industrey and arent just pretty faces. Plus Priyanka would be could at the action scenes. She has the right physique to do it as well

  • Shahbano Hussain

    Oh shoot! Deepika is getting left behind. Oh noooooooo! :(