Priyanka Chopra knows she is not a big star in the US!

Priyanka Chopra knows she is not a big star in the US!

The Barfi! actor is not delusional about the reach of her stardom

Let’s be honest! Bollywood stars, their incredible stardom and their reach have geographical limitations. Though we are going great guns on the international map with our films, many of our dear stars are almost unknown entities at many places on the planet. While B-town peeps will not confess this openly, some brave hearts like Priyanka Chopra make no fuss about their star power.

PeeCee made it big this year on the international music circuit with her first solo release In My City that featured But the 30-year-old maintains that she’s very clear about the fact that she’s not a huge star in the USA. “I think the most important thing of being successful is understanding and not being delusional about how much you know and who you are. I know I am a hugely successful star here but I am not a hugely successful star there. I have just one song and another song which is a feature. You cannot go in there thinking ki mai toh superstar hoon, ab mujhe waise treat karo (I am a superstar, so treat me accordingly). It cannot be like that,” said the Barfi! actor in a recent television interview.

Well, Priyanka is always known for speaking her heart out and for that reason alone we salute the feisty babe.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Inge

    LOL..She will never become a big star in the USA. She can sing only with the help of other stars and a lot technik. But many are able to do this

    • Shreya

      Inge.. I really want to hear u singing.. But please let me know before that.. Wanna take my doggie away else she’ll die.. And ur jealousy shouts everything else.. Loser..!

      • Yuvaaa

        Wellll Said Shreya…Gud Job

  • ash

    you can do it pc!leave all those gossip mongers behind…insha Allah you will make it great and all over again and again!

    • gotcha!

      LOL! You must be SRK writing!

  • Ritu

    She may become a film star in Hollywood because her acting is awesome. However her singing is just average and will not cut it in the USA or UK

  • Karina

    I love priyanka’s voice. in my city was good, but erase was just sensational!!

  • LoveRihanna!

    I don’t think she has much of a voice. She’s just an Indian version of the manufactured pop star, in the same way that they tried to make an album with Paris Hilton in the US based on her celebrity appeal.

    • Huh

      She definitely doesn’t have a good voice, but this coming from a Rihanna fan? Rihanna can’t (or dance) well lol

  • princess shona

    you were fab in the album……. go ahead pc…………. you will rock…….