Priyanka Chopra looks hot in a shocking pink ensemble on the cover of Notch

PC is seen in a super gorgeous leather outfit on the cover of the digital lifestyle glossy

Photographed by Avinash Gowarikar, Priyanka ‘sexy’ Chopra looks like a shocking pink bombshell on the cover of Notch magazine. The leather corset bodice and the flowing, chiffon skirt make the ensemble visually attractive. The dress billowing in the air is lending a very feminine feel to the Chopra chick’s personality and the tight corset is very biker-babe like; sexy in a rugged way, creating an unusual but beautiful contrast.

The junk bangles and the thigh-high slit look super stylish. We also like the caption used on the cover – PC 3.0 – now that reflects the evolution of the chick over the years, as a person, as an actor and so much more. A cool combo of a technology inspired tagline and a creative style statement – totally approve!