Posted Fri, September 28, 2012 1:12pm IST

The babe was recently spotted at the airport in her rockstar avatar. We love the way she carried herself, and those white high-top shoes take us back to Jeetendra’s Himmatwala days

Priyanka Chopra is busy running from pillar to post these days to get the wheels of her music video in motion ASAP. She was seen returning from LA at the airport recently. But looks like the running around doesn’t end here. She diligently tweeted and updated us about her next plan of action. “Back in Mumbai just for a day, then back to LA to shoot my video,” she wrote. We must admit that amidst the hectic schedule, Ms Chopra has still managed to keep her mojo intact. Her style statement is bang on, except for the blue bag which looks quite out of place in the cool ensemble. And although the owl necklace that she’s wearing is done to death by fashion lovers, Chopra makes sure she gives her own wacky edge to it by teaming it with black nail polish.

And as we mentioned PC’s white high-top shoes are very 90s. And trust us, we have absolutely no issues with her wearing them, as long as she doesn’t break into a dance number in Jeetendra’s jumping jack style…