Priyanka Chopra on UK’s movieScope magazine cover along with Nicole Kidman!

Priyanka Chopra on UK’s movieScope magazine cover along with Nicole Kidman!

The In My City actor-singer-songwriter represents Bollywood in movieScope’s special issue, Women in Film

Priyanka Chopra is surely going places. The In My City singer and former Miss World, who is the reigning queen of Bollywood, features on the cover of movieScope, a UK based film magazine.

International stars such as Nicole Kidman, Rosario Dawson, Gemma Arterton, Alice Lowe and Dreama Walker also appear on the cover alongside Priyanka. The Women in Film special issue of the mag features women in the entertainment industry – from directors to media professionals and technicians.

Priyanka has come a long way since her debut in the Hindi film industry after her beauty pageant, going on to do international projects. She is beautiful, vivacious and has undeniable acting and singing talent that she is showcasing to the entire world. And getting to celebrate the spirit of women power like this is a huge step toward gender equality and therefore commendable. We like, PC!

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  • Hang Nguyen

    Hello – India dear
    I am a Vietnamese, I love the movie of your country, I know more about India and I love India more through those movies. I also loved Indian actors, especially the actress Anushka Sharma. I love her personality, her talent, her natural beauty, her charming smile and her role. I love her very much. But lately, everyone noticed her appearance has changed, especially her face. I cried when I saw the picture of her recently.I cried because I regret a natural beauty has been lost, because I love her. I do not understand why she thinks she needs to change her appearance.
    I hope she can read these lines. I want to thanks for the message sent to Anushka something with my most sincere as a person who loves my idol:
    “Anushka, you know that the image of a Taani or Shruti vibrant with natural beauty and looks beautiful soul went to the hearts of millions of people. You are very talented, because you’re different. You do not have to like anyone. We love your talent, your personality, and above all we love you because you are yourself. You should stop at the appearance and personality of Akira. You do not need to change anything at all. Is enough for our happiness when seeing you. Anyway, I still love you. I will always keep the image a Anushka personality and natural in my heart. Wishing you more happiness and success. ”
    (From a big fan of Anushka Sharma in Vietnam)
    Thanks to!

  • Alaska

    Looking at all these women also you won’t tell that Priyanka the most beautiful, among all she the most usual! ! !