Priyanka Chopra says Sachin Tendulkar is our greatest kohinoor!

Priyanka, whose Barfi! hairstyle was talked about for its similarity to Sachin Tendulkar’s naturally curly hair, opened up about how much the cricketer means to her and to India. Here’s what the actor said on the television show India’s Prime Icon that will be aired on BIG CBS Prime this Friday

“I think Sachin Tendulkar is our greatest Kohinoor. He is not just a sports personality anymore; he is an icon that every young person aspires to be because he proves that dreams can come true no matter where you are from and no matter what you do as long as you believe in yourself and have a passion towards your job. No matter if you are young, as young as Sachin was when he started, or even if you don’t have people who are pushing you, you just have to believe in your talent. He sells dreams to the young people. He is an incredible icon to have.”

Priyanka Chopra