Priyanka Chopra says she is different from Lady Gaga

In a recent interview, the Don 2 actor spoke about her journey as a singer and how different she is from other popular musicians

If there is one thing that the sassy actor Priyanka Chopra understands, it is competition, and how to win the rat race. This quality has made her an actor who has managed to stay at the top, and even branch out to do other things like singing, while her contemporaries either fade away or continue doing the same stuff. And the pretty actor showed how competitive she can get when in a recent interview with the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, Piggy Chops said that she was different from the internationally famous pop-star Lady Gaga

In the interaction, Pee Cee was asked that since she was working with Lady Gaga’s team, were there any similarities between them, to which the actor said, “She is an incredible star, and I have huge amounts of respect for her as a performer, but I am completely different. Not only in the kind of music that I am making, but as me. We are two different people, not even in the same league.”

And as Pee Cee made it clear that she was different from Lady Gaga, she was also careful to be modest about the fact, and added that while Lady Gaga was a superstar, she was only a debutant and although she was working with Gaga’s team, she made it clear that that was the only thing common between the two.

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