Priyanka Chopra-Shahrukh Khan: No fire, lots of smoke!

Priyanka Chopra-Shahrukh Khan: No fire, lots of smoke!

And the two seem to be having great fun blowing that smoke into everyone’s eyes, neither of them admitting or denying their alleged ‘affair’. What’s going on, guys?

Are they? Aren’t they? Do you know? ‘Coz we have no clue any more. All this while we have been reporting that Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra are special friends, yes, but not romantically – or hormonally – involved. Of course we don’t know what the actual truth is and of course we don’t really want to know, deep down, since it will shatter some of our hard-earned illusions. But we do know that they share a close friendship with a lot of respect thrown into the equation, what families, friends, fans and assorted others say be damned. And they refuse to say anything beyond taking swipes at the media for making up stories and finding it funny that these same stories should be taken seriously.

But here is something that makes us wonder if PC is having an affair with anyone, leave alone SRK. Where is the time? Between working on her films and buzzing off to the United States to work on her music album, planning an Indian version of her songs, between visits to the hospital to be with her not-too-well father and dealing with photoshoots, endorsements and interviews, the poor girl does not have too much time to paint her nails, never mind hopping into bed with a married man.

Or does she? We don’t think so. Do you?

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  • anonym

    yes have she…for SRK she always has time, one thinks of the Award shows and of some partys….. Where SRK is one also finds PC. They both are shameless and lie since the Don 2 shooting

  • finals

    Ishq aur mushk chupae nahi chuptaa

  • Hasan

    Pc today doesn’t even have a time to sleep, how come she can have an affair with anyone esp a married man.. Yes, they are seen together most of the time recently but srk is one of his only co star with whom she is comfortable.. Her other are either busy in their personal life as they are dating some other actress and with other she don’t share great chemistry off screen.

  • lia

    always about “SRK-PC” again and again, i am so sick with this news, media is become too much about it, really all i know the worst thing in india is its media. Maybe its all right if i say most of all news by indian media is RUBISH.

  • Bollywood1stWife

    Proof is in the puddin’ hun. She’s always poppin’ her pinky in his pocket in public!

  • Suhana

    it´s all about SEX, this need not to much time. a short visit…”pimper,pimper” and bye ….

  • Balance

    Sensless story. Indian journalists please grow up. We are tired of you. Yek! Yekk!

  • hashem

    dirty media

  • hashem

    what is wrong with you, where is my comment

  • hashim

    dirty media

  • bollywood life baby

    but when i watched screen awards, they both made fun of these things calling them rumours and that media men put their names together in such dirty affair rumours with eachother and his wife was there clapping and laughing, this is obviously rumour. they both denied it, also some shahrukh followers say that he denied that on twitter three times.

    • Tom cruize fan

      yes he did, he said on twitter that pryanka is nice singer and tat some one will have great day because of this cmment and may turn it into dirty rumour, also he said that the most annoying thing for him is that media spoils his relations due to their wrapping analysis

  • Carol

    I´m sure they have no affair. SRK is interested in all but not of women. So no worry.

  • Manu

    They are sure only freinds. Hope SRK understand to hold her. He´s a prof to loose all his friends over the year. The last year was a record to lose three of his close buddies Hrithik, Arjun and Karan. So good luck for this friendship or whatever it is.

  • Viv

    Whether they are or they aren’t it is no ones business but their own.

  • Babs

    “the poor girl does not have too much time to paint her nails, never mind hopping into bed with a married man.” ROFLMAO Good one!

  • coucou

    Je pense que pc et srk etait trop proche,mai je croi qu’il etait que des amis

  • raj nandani

    I don’t understand it is only romour or something truth in this story