Priyanka Chopra: Shahrukh Khan, your belief has kept me going

Priyanka Chopra: Shahrukh Khan, your belief has kept me going

Looks like the jungli billi finally found the time to thank her dear Don. How sweet!

When Shahrukh Khan praised Priyanka Chopra in an interview, we noticed. And when Piggy Chops responded to the compliment, she made sure that we noticed. And do you know how? By tweeting her response directed straight at the BollywoodLife story: “Thank u @iamsrk..ur belief has always kept me going” Whoa! We totally likes, Pee Cee.

Clearly, it looks like Pee Cee is overwhelmed by the nice things Shahrukh has said for her. And guess she couldn’t wait to acknowledge her dear friend’s compliments. Also, after this episode it really looks like all’s well between the Don and his jungli billi. Right, Piggy Chops?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Erine

    who are you to wait,she just knew about shahrukh khan good words from here ,her bad luck made her reading that from this site ,she did not know how much this site is dirty in thinking ,then she replied to his good wish,what have you to do with that,this site is very idiot.please pc say some thing hurting to this site,they are the biggest idiots ,they were one of the first sites to support my dear shahrukh and you rumour,then began to create lies about your enmity then shock for it that you are still good friends,shame on you.I know that you are happy site now as more arguments make you famous ,only in your sick mind

  • Pedro

    No amount of outside pressure can come between BFFs unless there is there is an internal conflict between them

  • Rekha

    shahrukh is very gentle man although pryanka paid a secret visit till late time to salman ouse but he still spoke well about us,I really love their strong friendship which comfronted many storms but remained the best and most sincere

    • Rekha

      sorry I meant although she paid a secret visit to salman house but he still spoke well about her to us

  • Aryan

    I love their friendship,really

    • sachin

      yes me too,shahrukh khan is strong confident man who did not let dirty rumours affect their friendship and i respect this about him

  • Khlood

    What the F? Paris Hilton is not an international star but just a porn star who got fame coz of her sex tape. Grow up India clnailg a socialite an international star.

  • SSS

    LOL! I think it was more of a slap on you guy’s faces for the questions u had in the last post (thinking she won’t see or reply)! :D Just saying! :)