Priyanka Chopra shines bright with Pitbull!

Priyanka Chopra shines bright with Pitbull!

We spotted the Barfi! star with the co-singer of her forthcoming track, Exotic

Priyanka Chopra is all set to take the music world by storm, yet again. The dusky beauty made her international singing debut last year with her solo, In My City with none other than the pop sensation And she will now join hands with the popular American rapper Pitbull for her next solo track, Exotic. We were even expecting Priyanka to perform live with Pitbull at the opening ceremony of the ongoing Indian Premier League 2013 (IPL 6).

But now the wait is over, well almost! In this new picture, posted by PeeCee herself on a microblogging site, we see Priyanka and Pitbull posing happily for this new collaboration. While the Miss World-turned-Bollywood diva looks sparkling and super-sexy in her blingy body hugging outfit, the American rapper looks absolutely dapper in his baggy green jacket and white trousers. Quite a heady mix we must say! We are sure that the duo’s music will be equally intoxicating. We at BollywoodLife are waiting for PeeCee to stretch her vocal chords yet again and spin her undeniable magic and make us groove to the numbers only she can belt. What about you Piggy Chops’ fans?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • makemewannabarfee!

    Priyanka Cheapra and her dumb PR advisers fail to realize that overexposure can have a negative impact on a celebrity’s brand equity.

  • anonym

    Plastic Chopra looks like 2. sunny leone, fits to her Character. can turn with her one film, because can sing them not without audio engineering

  • Bharat guwalani

    Priyanka is a selfmade person from a small city with no filmi background.She worked hardly from modelling to movies. Reached great heights with millions of fans and awards. Now she is in singing i know in this field also she will reach heights.

    • InMySh*tty

      Self-made is admirable only when it has the quality of INTEGRITY to it. And I’ve heard her sing and can confirm its dreadful! She should stick to singing in the shower only, and not making money every-which-way-and-how from her oh-so-gullible fans.

  • suppercool

    U people r a haters a disgraced let her be!!! She’s so beautiful and a great actress sooo!! What she can sing with pitbull come on girl bring in the best year of 2013!#! Let America no what coming to them plus I’m your fan!!look hitriks made a movie kites with a,Latina girl theirs was a big hit in America!!! People love it they didn’t b#tch about it and they love him!! Make music with whatever Latinos singers u want I’m sure it be a big hit!!! Look at sharakh an he sang with akon!!! So u go girl make it happen

  • الينا